VP Series

VP Series cartridges provide ultra high purity filtration for a variety of applications. Constructed of non-pigmented, virgin materials the spin welded construction provides the longest life and highest quality. Applications include deionization, submicron filtration, organics, chlorine, oxygen and amine removal.

Standard filters fit all ARIES, UNIX and Vaponics systems and are compatible with Barnstead® PCS® systems. Hose nipple end caps have tapered ends for easy connections. Straight nipple tube ends can be used with any 3/8” compression or tubing fitting. Threaded 1/8” male npt connections are also available.

Filter length can be easily modified for custom applications and clear tubes are available for color changing medias. Combination cartridges offer multiple stages of filtration in a single filter.

Please allow up to 10 business days from the date of your order for processing. After processing is complete, your order will be shipped out according to the shipping option you chose when ordering. For orders being shipped outside of the USA, please allow 4 weeks due to possible delays through customs. For expedited orders please contact Aries customer service.

Part Number Description Unit Cost Quantity
VP-17-4030 Color Indicating High Purity Mixed Bed - Clear Body $137.93
VP-17-4040 Color Indicating High Capacity Mixed Bed - Clear Body $137.93
VP-17-3002 Color Indicating Cation – Condensate Polishing - Clear Body $112.17
VP-17-4204 Color Indicating Layered High Capacity Media - Upflow - Clear Body $137.93
VP-17-4010 High Purity Mixed Bed Media $127.59
VP-17-4011 Low TOC Mixed Bed Media $154.58
VP-17-4012 Ultra-Low TOC Mixed Bed Media $160.71
VP-17-4203 High Capacity $126.36
VP-17-1050 Activated Carbon $111.09
VP-17-3001 Cation (Hydrogen Form) $101.83
VP-17-3203 Anion (Hydroxide Form) $222.05
VP-17-3000 Softening $92.01
VP-17-3680 Oxygen Removal $160.71
VP-17-4200 Oxygen Removal - High Purity $152.13
VP-17-4301 Organics & Oxygen Removal - High Purity $145.99
VP-17-4210 Organics Removal - Dual Bed $136.18
VP-17-4205 Organics Removal High Purity $115.32
VP-17-4090 Organics Removal - Mono Bed $133.72
VP-17-4202 Two Bed Layered Deionization $112.87
VP-17-4402 Four Bed Layered Deionization $123.91
VP-17-4090-OR Organic Removal Condensate Feedback $137.40
VP-17-3001-AR Amine Removal Condensate Feedback $107.96
VP-17-4010-DI Demineralization Condensate Feedback $145.99
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