The PHOENIX Academy System

Designed for general laboratory applications, the Phoenix Academy delivers 2.5 LPM of Type I, 18.2 Megohm water quality on demand. The water is purified using a multi-stage purification process. In the two-step deionization stage, source water passes through high-purity ion exchange resins to remove dissolved minerals. A subsequent stage uses a 0.2 micron filter to remove particulates and bacteria before dispensing. The result is water that meets universally recognized Type I specifications.

The Phoenix Academy’s intuitive, “touch-screen” display monitors system health and the remaining life of your
consumables. Intermittent recirculation ensures that the water inside the unit is continuously moving when not in use, mitigating any chance of bacterial growth. Convenient, programmable presets allow you to dispense frequently used volumes with speed and precision consistently.  Applications include general water chemistry, reagent preparation and buffers.


To see how this system compares to others, vist the Phoenix Comparison page.

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